Our Belief

We don’t just see the power of design as a roadmap for solving complicated problems—we see its inherent ability to create value for our clients. To that end, we’ve spent years building out our internal and external capabilities. We understand to create the next level of real estate solutions, we have to partner with—not just hire—the best talent available.

A vision for every project

Alpha design is a term we use to describe our internal design process. We start by defining the problem then we create a purposeful, strategic design narrative that captures the story and essence of each project. This clear direction helps us design with depth, resonance, and consistency across all facets of the projects we undertake.

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An experience in every space.

At SteelWave, our goal is to create projects that offer a unique experience and memorable sense of place. Without tenants, a space is... just a space. We attract a rich blend of companies and cultures by not only delivering world class architecture—but also by curating exceptional amenities such as restaurants, baristas, and other vendors. That human element brings life to each project, amplifying and enriching each SteelWave experience.

  • Creative Office

    Creative Office

    Today’s creative office tenant wants more than just office space. They want a home to attract and develop the best talent. They want a place that raises their profile with customers and investors. Most of all they want a space that reflects and enhances the brand they’ve worked so hard to create. SteelWave spent years developing a design team made up of artists, architects, graphic designers, curators, landscape architects, metal, and glass fabricators—dedicated to making each space unforgettable. Guided by the principles of our deep design program, our creative office portfolio offers user experiences closer to what you might find at a boutique hotel or high-end custom home than that of an office building.

  • Creative Life Science

    Creative Life Science

    Biotechnology is the fastest growing vertical within health care today, making up 18% of the GDP. In 2020, venture capital investment in this sector increased by 56% year over year for a record $29.9B. SteelWave is a pioneer in this sphere; we developed our first lab space in the 80s and have capitalized on $1.5B in life sciences activities in the last twelve months alone. We understand the next generation of biotech clients desire many of the same amenities as our creative office clientele. Our key regions are among the most sought out life science markets in the nation. The next project to be delivered, theLAB Berkeley due fall 2021, combines our strength in design and placemaking with our experience developing leading edge lab space to create the next generation of life science facilities.

  • Creative Industrial

    Creative Industrial

    Creative industrial is an exciting new avenue that offers solutions to tenants that, until now, were forced into product types that were not aligned with their needs. These tenants may require a small portion of their footage to interact with the public— or cater to clients that expect a more elevated space than traditional industrial spaces would otherwise offer. Some of these companies may have a small, but important, retail component. There is also the potential to create maker villages by attracting multiple tenants with complementary uses. Because of our extensive knowledge and experience attracting exciting retailers as well as our experience in delivering millions of square feet of Industrial buildings, SteelWave is poised to be a market leader in this new product type.

Renewed focus, bigger impact.

SteelWave is committed to adapting and integrating sustainable programs as we reduce the footprint of our properties. Our efforts include LEED-Certified Developments, Energy Star, electric car charging stations, shuttle services to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, eco-friendly landscaping, solar panels, and top-of-the-line mechanical systems to ensure peak efficiencies.