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101 California Street, Suite 800
San Francisco, CA 94111

Phone: 415.240.4625

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We foster a creative and collaborative environment that employs a team-first philosophy.

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Barry DiRaimondo
Barry DiRaimondo

Chief Executive Officer
Phone: 650.235.2900
Cell: 650.619.8927

Paul Meyer
Paul Meyer

President & Chief Financial Officer
Phone: 650.235.3110

Nancy Chau

Chief Administrative & Accounting Officer
Phone: 650.235.2827


Greater Los Angeles Area

Gregg Hall
Phone: 310.751.1335
Cell: 310.745.4069

San Francisco Bay Area

Steve Dunn
Phone: 650.235.2833
Cell: 415.309.6778

Orange County/ San Diego

Jonathan Hastanan
Phone: 949.556.9657
Cell: 323.459.7572

Denver, Texas

Peter Llorente
Phone: 720.932.2868
Cell: 303.249.9831

Seattle, Portland

Aaron Dwinell
Phone: 425.372.5480
Cell: 650.235.5979

Greater Los Angeles Area

Kevin Joyce
Phone: 310.751.1324


San Francisco Bay Area

Stacy McClaughry
Phone: 650.235.2580
Cell: 510.703.2793


Orange County/ San Diego

Charles McClure
Phone: 949.863.0388
Cell: 310.283.1903

Denver, Seattle, Portland

Monica Baytos
Denver – Commercial
Phone: 720.932.2864
Cell: 303.885.9667

Michelle Crabtree
Seattle & Portland
Phone: 206.270.6503
Cell: 206.369.5673

999 Baker Way, Suite 200 San Mateo, CA 94404

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